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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Did You Hear Bells?

Yep, I heard them, they are wedding bells. My sister is getting married! We have kept this under wraps due to a sensitive issue with her children's father and some aspects of the groom's life as well. It seems everyone has an opinion that ends up in bashing two people instead of offering loving counsel and guidance in making decisions about their future. But I can finally share this good news with my friends and would like to invite you to 'meet' my sister as she has entered the blogosphere just this week. She is growing in the Lord and is an avid student of Christ our Lord now. Our Bible study times are so productive and we are learning so much together. Please be kind and welcome my sister to the blogosphere. It would mean so much to her and me as well.

Just as I have learned so much from so many of you, I am praying she does as well. I am beginning to share links with her of my bloggy friends so she can be connected to this great bloggy family. She lives in an area that is not easy to be social due to the distance from the nearest town, but prayerfully that will change very soon. So, please hop on over to welcome my sister, Courtney.

And so, with wedding bells comes lots of planning, which is what we've been doing. This week is packed with planning, shopping, and preparing. I have been able to keep up on Facebook due to this nifty Blackberry I have, but I sure do miss my blogging time. I've learned how to add bookmarks to my phone so I can visit my fav blogs, but commenting is not always easy from my phone.

Want to know the funniest thing? Guess who my sister is in love with? My husband's brother! Talk about adjustment! Do you know how odd this has been for all of us? My kids were bewildered for a while, as was I. The critics have been few, but those few have made it very difficult for all of us. But the humorous response they keep getting from others is, "Well THAT'S keepin' it in the family." and, "Well Christmas will be a lot easier for everyone." teeheehee Support is what's needed and love, lots of love; which is what they have with one another.

Do you have a similar situation in your family genes?

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Devildogwife January 19, 2010 at 6:06 PM  

That's so exciting! I'll head over to her blog right now to welcome her. :) May you have a blessed week.

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