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Monday, January 11, 2010

Don't Take My Sunshine Away

It has been foggy and overcast here in Northern California for about a month now. This is out of the ordinary. A friend of mine says that at her home, up the hill about 30 miles, they have had sunshine. Apparently the fog has planted itself firmly down here in the valley. So, we are going up there this afternoon.

I don't mind fog, usually, but it's just been too long since we got to enjoy the sunshine. Although the other day we went to Mare Island and as we sat in a restaurant to eat, the sun broke through just a bit and it shone right into my side of the window. I got to enjoy the warmth of the sunlight on my face for just a few short moments before it disappeared into the fog again. (photo credit to

I really shouldn't complain though. I have friends on Facebook that are experiencing snow storms and -30 degree weather. YIKES! Ok, I'll take the fog! But seriously, it's going to be nice to drive up the hill to see the sun again. Sometimes you just gotta go to where the fog isn't.

Do you ever feel like a spiritual fog has blocked you from the presence of the Son?
What have you done to break through?

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2 kind words:

Michelle January 11, 2010 at 9:34 AM  

That picture is just breathtaking!

What do you consider to be a spiritual fog? When we lack direction in what God is leading us to do? Perhaps when we can't seem to focus on Him?

If that is what you mean, then I have a post coming up on Thursday about struggling with this and how God has helped me through that.

Have a blessed week!

Pure Perseverance January 18, 2010 at 8:17 PM  

Yes ma'am! That is when I get really uncomfortable! How do I break through? I must go on what I know and not how I am feeling. I also talk with my hubby and let him know what I'm experiencing. He's a good listener and it lets him know how to pray for me. I have started to examine and pray about my surroundings (always in my home first) and see if I am aiding in the "spiritual fog". Often times, I am :o(. For example, not taking care of my body properly (do not underestimate sleep, water, or food that feeds the brain, my friend). After all, God often times impresses upon or communicates with us through our mind. We need it to be sharp. Or what I allow my mind to wander off to or what its holding on to instead of giving it over to my Deliverer. Do doing these things magically make me close to God? Of course not. I just gave an example of practical ways that I have dealt with this situation. Bottom line is that I can do nothing without Christ. When I talk with Him, I let Him know that I am ever grateful for continuing His work in me (whether I see it or not). Yes, and I ask Him, why can't I sense His presence sometimes but to help me, give me the strength please to not give up.

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