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Friday, January 29, 2010

Math Drills

I found another Math website that has great worksheets and the answers. It's Math and I've added it to my online Education Share for homeschoolers. This site is different from Math Facts Cafe, which I think is a good one too. At Math Facts Cafe your child types in their answers to their pre-made worksheets then hits 'check answers' and it corrects the worksheets for them. But this requires supervision on the parents part.  With Math you can print out the question sheet and answer sheet. 

I've printed some out for my children and they'll be required to sit at their desk with a pencil to do their work. When they complete the work I'll have them come to the dining room table with a red pencil only, and they can correct their own work. Math Facts Cafe is designated for grades 1-4, while Math has much more advanced Math work to do.

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