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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Technology Class

I have always felt it is important to teach our own children about the internet, than to allow someone else to or just let them into the World Wide Web all alone and without training. So we spend time each week going over safety settings, online etiquette, and social networking. This week we have been discussing Facebook. I hooked up my larger screen to the laptop so everyone in the room could see what I was doing. You can also hook up your computer to your television, just talk to your local Best Buy and they could tell you what cables you'll need.

This is also a great way to teach other subjects too. You can hook up to your television and get on YouTube for educational videos so the whole family can watch, or you can assign them to create a video like this young man did. You can pause the video so you can have time for open discussion or if you need to explain part of the video to them. I think it's good to allow the kids to have their own blog too. They can use their blog to share what they're learning. YouTube videos can be embedded right into their blogs and you can select safety options when you choose a video. Settings such as not allowing 'related videos" to be seen once the video is done being viewed on their blog.

Do you teach your kids about safety online?
What ways do you utilize technology in your homeschool?

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