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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Election Year

We're in California and it's an election year for local communities, as well as the state. Anyone else having elections this year? Our state has several senate seats opening up so this is a big year for California.

So many people want something different for America...many want to get back to the original plan for the Constitution. But we're not going to see a Constitution defender in the White House or Congress rise up right takes time and we need to push them into those positions from the ground up. That means we need to start locally. I remember when Sprittibee went to her local district precinct and how pumped she got to get involved and she realized she CAN make a difference.

We can all make a difference. Here are a few things to consider if YOU want to make a difference and if you want to teach your kids to make a difference.

  • Find your local political party's website. READ it! Subscribe if they have RSS or email subscriptions.
  • CONTACT them. Get yourself acquainted with their chairperson. Start communicating with him/her.
  • If you have Juniors or Seniors in your home, get them subscribed too. They'll be voters in just a year or so.
  • Find your local party's officials on Facebook/Twitter and get connected.
  • Go to local meetings where you can listen in on what's going on.
                   Take a pad and pen for taking notes.
                   Listen....observe.....write your questions down and see if someone else asks them.
                   Be as educated as possible before going and have questions ready ahead of time if possible.
                   If it's your first time going...listen more than speak.

My husband and I are going to a meeting with our local Party tomorrow night. This is a huge meeting, as all the state representatives that are running for local and state offices will be there. Our town had a Tea Party meeting the other night and we missed it. You know why? Media wouldn't cover it. Don't trust your local media to inform you. You need to get yourself informed on your own. Get connected with your party.

Anyone else getting active in your local precincts?
Are you teaching your teens about the election process?
How are you teaching your kids to get involved?

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