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Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Our Anniversary 18 years

Today is our 18th anniversary! Our journey through marriage is truly incredible and I'll be sharing more on my facebook page too. But here are a couple of pictures. One from our wedding day and one from about a year ago.

My parents live in the historical town of Placerville, Ca. (home town of Thomas Kincade). We rented a little church in town and had the wedding rehearsal Feb 14th then went to dinner with our family and wedding party. That night my matron of honor, and I , decided to stay in town to hang out with my fiance (Scott) and some friends just a bit longer. My parents drove to their home in the upper hills but called me about an hour later to tell me this..."Lisa, you CAN'T come to the house. It's snowing. There are several inches of snow and you don't have chains." So my matron of honor and I needed to stay in the hotel with the guys. I told mom I would call her in the morning to meet at the Hair salon.

We woke up the next morning and I called my mom, but the phones were down. I called the phone company and they told me that thousands of residents were without phones. I called my aunt, who lived about 45 minutes north and she said their neighborhood was without power. My cousins, (bridesmaids) were with her and they were packing all their stuff to come to the hotel to get ready.

I called the caterers and they were snowed in. They were shoveling the driveway when I called.

I looked out the window and the streets were covered in snow. (unusual for this lower part of Placerville)

Our preacher lived in Reno, so we called him and his wife said he was on his way, but was unsure he'd be able to make it through Tahoe.

My friend and groomsman, Roy, had a relative who lived near my mom so he called her cell phone. She said she didn't have very much snow at her house and my mom lived just 5 minutes up from her. She offered to drive up in her 4x4 to check on my mom. A little while later my mom called from that cell phone saying they got completely snowed in. They had to get geared up and hike uphill 1/4 mile in 1 1/2 feet of snow to get the flowers from the florist who was also snowed in. My mom's power was out.

We got a call later from our preacher's wife who confirmed he could not get through Tahoe. So Scott got on the phone to try and locate a preacher to officiate our wedding. After several attempts, but many preachers also snowed in, he found one!

My matron of honor and I drove to the salon and began telling the hairdressers our tale. My mom and sister arrived and as soon as they began working on our hair, the power went out.

We got a hold of the bridal shop and was able to get my matron of honor's dress. The salon power came back on THANK GOD!

We then went back to the hotel. Many of our guests were not able to come due to this freak snow storm.

My uncle was a Cal Trans worker and was working over time, clearing the roads on HWY 50.

My dad...who had the key to the church we rented...forgot the key, up on the hill in the snowed in blacked out house. So Scott called the pastor of the church, bu t he was snowed in. So he had to try and locate a locksmith who could come. He found one...he he began opening the door he asked..."Do you have permission from the pastor to open his church?" Scott had to convince the man we REALLY were getting married that day. (UGH)

We drove from the hotel to the church and as I was getting ready I realized I forgot a piece to my dress so Scott's aunt drove back to the hotel to get it. Then we realized we forgot the marriage license. So she went back again to get that.

The wedding was scheduled to begin at 3pm, but Uncle Randy was still plowing roads. I was determined to wait for him.He arrived 20 minutes later and the wedding began!

This preacher did not know us, but did a GREAT job leading our ceremony and at the end when it came time to pronounce our last name...he stuttered...he couldn't pronouce it...then all the men in Scott's family proclaimed with this fantastic Italian Accent "BERRRR TO LINI!!!""

There ya have it...the Bertolini Wedding story. All that and only 20 minutes behind schedule.... Was it a message from God? YES! Our marriage could outlast ANY STORM!

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Jocelyn February 15, 2010 at 7:26 PM  

Sisterlisa, what a beautiful wedding story! Yup, stroms will come our way and what a wonderful reminder that we can make it thru them! Thanks for sharing.

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