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Thursday, February 18, 2010

My First Republican Meeting

I went to my first Republican Meeting today. Lots of nice people...but so much older than I am. If my generation doesn't stand up in the political arena, the liberals are going to mow you down! Liberals are loud and forceful. Conservatives don't need to be quite spirited in politics. If you are, you're not going to get much done. So, in my effort to get more educated and more involved, I joined several Republican websites, including our local county facebook page. To see if YOUR county is there enter the words into their search window your political party and the name of your county. I entered "#*&#$ County Republicans" and found it. You should be able to find yours too. You can also find many other political pages there such as 

American Tea Party
Unplug the Political Machine
The First Amendment
The US Constitution
and many more.

So I was thinking...the county I live in sure could use a "Glenn Beck" to inform the people of what's REALLY going on here. Better yet, a whole army of Glenn Beck clones would be good. So I have a challenge for you...GO to your local City Council Meetings. GO to your local rallies, dinners, luncheons, etc.

If you don't...the liberals are going to MOW YOU DOWN. You wonder why politics look the way they do? We don't' stand up enough and we're FAR TOO quiet. So SPEAK UP!

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