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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Public School Shooting Placerville Ca.

Children from Gold Oaks Elemntary School arrived at class Wednesday morning, February 2, 2010 to discover that their school had been broken into and shot up with a shotgun. Shot gun shells were reportedly found on the grounds near a classroom. As reported by parents.

Parents did not hear about the incident until around 11 am, two hours after the children were already there. They were notified by a recorded message from the Superintendent's office caused concern with hundreds of local parents, which in turn have notified their friends and relatives of the situation.
I personally called the Mountain Democrat, their local newspaper, and they informed me that they had no idea this had occurred. I then called the El Dorado County Superintendent's office and got their switchboard that didn't know of the incident either. She checked with their office and again, they didn't know anything either.

They referred me to the Gold Oak Elementary School's local Superintendant's office that assured me they are working with the Sheriff's department. I expressed my DEEP concern as a tax payer and as a parent that my taxes are paying for the safety and education of the children and the fact that they are allowing the children to come to school while the suspect is STILL AT LARGE. To top it all off, the suspect came back AGAIN last night. 

I would think the school would do a better job at informing the parents and keeping the children safe. Not to mention that the local media hadn't heard about it. Aren't they the ones who are supposed to keep up on what is happening? Do they NOT have scanners? Some parents have opted to keep their children home until the suspect is apprehended.

Just another reason to HOMESCHOOL.
Below are the numbers if you'd like to call and share your concern as well. I chose to call because my nephew goes to that school, but all citizens should share their concern.

Gold Oaks District Office/Union (530) 626-3150 Richard Williams

El Dorado Superintendant's office (530) 622-7133
Principle Sylvia Shannon of Gold Oaks Elementary (530) 626-3160
Mtn Democrat (530) 622-1255
El Dorado Sheriff's Office (530) 621-6600

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2 kind words:

Henry Cate February 6, 2010 at 11:03 PM  

I wonder if any heads will roll. I'm sure the County Superintendent didn't like being caught uninformed.

Tonya @ Live the Adventure February 7, 2010 at 2:59 PM  

I am thankful to homeschool my children and can not imagine the horror the parent's of children in that school felt! Of course I don't live in California, but I was horrified Friday to hear there was a school shooting minutes from us in Alabama. Sadly, the 14 year old victim did not survive.

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