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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Safety of Google Buzz

FoxNews published this helpful article about their latest feature, Buzz. It's like Twitter and Facebook rolled into one right inside your Gmail. But as with any new social media feature, there are safety settings that we MUST look into. You can set your Buzz statuses to Private and then select which group you want to see your statuses. You can pick one group or more. You can set who can be in each group as well.

I am including some screenshots to show you that we did not know this until today....after my girls had already played with it for a while...on public. EEK!

Here's what you see when you begin on Buzz. Looks like  Twitter status window, but you're not limited to 140 characters.

In this next screenshot you can select PRIVATE...
You can then choose which groups you want to allow to see this status.  
But once you post one publicly, all you can do it delete it. You can not go back and change it to private.


So be careful out there! Double check all the settings for yourself before allowing the kiddos to play on Buzz.

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