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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Teaching with an Open Mind

Last week, I began writing about what many call the fundamentals of Christianity and how it infiltrates churches, homes, and education. Today, I want to take a look at how it infiltrates how we educate our children in politics. (government class) By saying fundamentals, I am talking about the right wing extremists views that seem to be causing more harm than good. Many Christians follow their beliefs, their literal interpretation of their Bible, in their decisions regarding politics. I can understand that when it comes to you making a decision on how to vote on issues that violate your religious beliefs. This is why the First Amendment is so important. But if we fail to look at an issue being passed in legislature as how it will affect other Americans, then we simply vote for our own personal benefit.

This is where I believe it has caused problems with parents who choose private or home education. They raise their children to make decisions for others, based on their faith. For example...I know this is a hot topic, but the marriage debate in some states have crossed the line. I, at one time, had voted on a measure that prohibits a specific lifestyle to not have equal civil rights. I was being taught by a preacher that I was voting to 'protect marriage' but after leaving that religious institution I began realizing that I made the wrong vote.

Americans have the freedom to pursue their religion without interference from the government. Likewise people have the freedom to not pursue a religion or have it's doctrine infiltrated into their lives.

The measure on the ballot was really more about civil rights than biblical definitions. So the lawmakers need to reconsider if they even want a religious ceremony written into the state constitution to begin with.

I believe this is one reason why secular people have such a problem with Christianity and home school families. So many times families become so isolated that they lose sight of reality. Jesus knew scripture the best, as I believe Jesus is God in the flesh. Yet he didn't force his teaching on anyone. He simply walked away and let others walk away if they chose to.

I believe many Christians need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. If someone doesn't agree with your views, so what? We don't have the right to force our views on others. And we really do need to be careful how we are teaching our children. Jesus told the disciples that if anyone did not receive them to walk away and kick the dust off their sandals. He said to live peaceably with all men.

So in my home we are teaching our children the views of different political parties, different religions, different educational philosophies, etc. The Apostle Paul said that he"... became all things to all people that he might save some."  How will your family reach this world for Christ if you don't' know their culture, their beliefs, and in such a way that you can step into their arena and have respectful conversations without 1.) fearing you'll 'fall to the devil' and 2.) without forcing your views on them?

Are we really raising our children to be the next generation that can successfully communicate with this world?
Or are we raising them to only know how to interact with their sect of religion?

The HomeSpun Life

4 kind words:

Thrice Blessed February 17, 2010 at 3:24 PM  

I have mixed feelings about the marriage issue. On the one hand I agree with you that everyone has a right to live as they believe, and I don't have the right to force my beliefs on anyone. On the other hand, in many other countries that have same sex marriage, it has become a hate crime to teach certain portions of the Bible. A pastor in Canada was jailed for simply writing letters to the editor, and Canada has a free speech clause similar to ours, yet it still happened.
It is also very likely that public schools will be required to teach that homosexuality is a normal, morally neutral variation of sexuality, and that those who teach otherwise are rejecting science. That might not matter to some homeschoolers, but in states where homeschoolers must teach the same things as public schools, it could be a problem.
So like I said, I have mixed feelings. If it was just a matter of "live and let live" that's what I would do, but it is being used as a way to censor christian teaching and make teaching the Bible a hate crime.
I think a better approach would be to take marriage out of the governments hands altogether, and leave it up to varying religious institutions to determine what they consider marriage, and to take the teaching of sexuality away from the schools, and let parents do their jobs in that regard.

Sisterlisa February 17, 2010 at 5:48 PM  

I totally understand and agree to take marriage out and sex out of the schools. However, they can't deny in biology class that it must be male and female to produce a child naturally.

I have seen the hate speech against homosexuals and I cringe. If we believe sin is sin then why treat them differently than a drunkard or adulterer? Christianity is welcoming of such people, knowing Jesus can change them. But most Christians expect a homosexual to change BEFORE hand.

A church in our town had heard a rumor that homosexuals were going to arrive at their church service and they blocked them from coming by putting their large bus in the driveway entrance with a guard. Not very good for a church who says they have what a homosexual needs. :/

We can't stop this world from choosing sin. No matter which act we consider sin. Look at the time of Noah. In such a short time there was ONLY evil CONTINUALLY in the heart of mankind.

Jesus said the end times would be worse than this world has ever seen. It's coming and we can't stop it. We need to be lamps with His Light in us, shining love.

Thrice Blessed February 22, 2010 at 8:04 PM  

I agree that treating anyone, homosexual or anyone else, the way you describe is wrong. I was just saying that I have mixed feelings on the marriage issue because often, Christians who are NOT hateful, can lose their rights of free speech along with those who are.

There is a homosexual man who attends my church on and off. He knows he is a sinner, he is also saved. He struggles. He hasn't given up and decided to live in that sin full time, but at times he does fall. I have never witnessed anyone judging him at our church.

Our pastor does teach the portions of the bible that speak against homosexuality, we don't gloss over the subject, but we ARE able to hate the sin and yet love the sinner.

Sisterlisa February 22, 2010 at 10:36 PM  

Thanks for responding again. :)
and thank you for sharing the info. I used to vehemently hate sin to the point where I couldn't help but hate the person who was sinning. I had to take a step back and turn my eyes to Jesus and cling to Him. Know what happened? I fell deeper in love with our Savior and He showed me that I can disapprove of sin and love the person who sins. He took the hatred and turn it into a healthy boundary for my life and gave me the ability and power to love a person who sins without hating them. He gave me victory over hatred. He empowers me to look at others through the blood. There are people who have hurt me deeply... that I forgave, but I can not be around them. He tells us to be careful being around those who refuse to repent, or we could fall.

So our family has boundaries. :)

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