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Monday, March 15, 2010

Can You Schedule in God?

Should we live our Christian lives like a dayplanner? 
8:00 am: Prayer
8:15 am: Bible reading
8:30 am: Memorization time
8:45 am: Worship
9:15 am: Fasting
9:45 am: Teach Sunday School
10:15 am: Sing in choir
10:50 am: Sit in service
11:45 am: Walk the aisle
11:50 am: Cry
12:00 pm: Repent
12:30 pm: Go home and make lunch

Sounds ritualistic to me. In fact, it is.

Should we run our home education the same way?
Do we give Holy Spirit the lead role in our education?
Some have asked me, "So just HOW do you homeschool organically?"

It's not easy to describe. How do you describe Holy Spirit the best Teacher in the whole galaxy? He doesn't fit into a dayplanner. He leads, He guides, He comforts.

He chooses the day, the hour, the subjects to learn. Some days He leads us in Math for so many hours and we can't get enough of it. We enjoy it on those days. Some days He speaks to us about God's glorious creation as he points out God in Science. We are in awe! We soak it all up like how chlorophyll soaks up the light! We soak up HIM, He is the Light!

We make it a point to study Math, Reading (English grammar etc) but everything else comes so naturally from Him. On the days when He is leading us closer to Jesus, we don't tell Him to stop so we can get on with spelling or art. We stop and listen to Him. He makes sure to show us what He wants us to learn and when. He is the best Teacher ever.

The HomeSpun Life

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Pebblekeeper March 15, 2010 at 8:59 AM  

Thanks Sister Lisa! I needed your note this morning! Fresh after a week of vacation mixed with a chest cold, I wanted to regroup and get re-organized this morning. What a great reminder that He sets Our Days. :) Keeping Disciplined, and Flexible - In His Timing. :)

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