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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pix-O-Sphere Coming Soon...VERY soon!

For several years I navigated the internet with excitement and adventure. Logging on, for me, has been like walking into the largest library in the world, but from my desktop. After many years of cyber fun on message boards, surfing websites, social networks, blogs, photo hosting sites, etc.. I became increasingly frustrated at the amount of inappropriate images coming across my screen. I was finding that more often than not, other online friends felt the same frustration. One evening I was speaking to my husband about my growing concerns and I shared how I felt this frustration could be remedied. I began to share with him some ideas that had been on my mind for several years and he caught the vision!

What we wanted is a Family Friendly Photo Community, but not just another social network community. We wanted something more. A place where family friendly people from all over the world could come to and not worry about the ads or type of people they would come in contact with. We wanted a place where bloggers could come get photos for their posts and articles without fear of coming across inappropriate images in the search engine. From there, the vision kept growing. The blogosphere is a place where the bloggers communicate with one another and network together all over the globe. Yet, we knew that bloggers weren't the only ones who wanted a safer online environment. Through the hearts of our team we came to the name Pix-O-Sphere. A safe place for photos (pix) for the blogosphere....and beyond!

Please join our group on Facebook for more info about our Beta launch. Feel free to spread the word!

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