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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trusting the Master Teacher

Over the years the thing I have noticed is that none of my children have the same learning style. This presents quite a challenge when educating four children at home. With my ten year old daughter, I was becoming frustrated with her math skills. Multiplication became a stumbling block in her education and was causing her to doubt herself and tear down her self worth. I ceased from multiplication for a while so she could have a break and I could find another method for her educational style. 

One morning I woke up with a sense of urgency and panic over her multiplication. But in my mind I pushed back that anxiety and sought the Lord. I asked him what would make it click for her. He showed me a table of coins and he said "With money, she will learn her Math."

I was so excited and in faith I received that word and share it with my daughter. We got out her money that she has been saving and we began counting her money with her. Over the next few weeks she began to really catch on. We took trips to the local minimart to allow her to make small purchases. The cashiers and line behind us were so patient while we guided her in counting out her money for her purchase. Then we would come home and count her money all over again to see what she had left. Before we head back to the store we have her count it all out again.

One day I had errands to run and she sat in the backseat and I could hear her coins moving around in her hand. She was counting her money! I could hear the numbers as she whispered to herself and she was really grasping it all on her own now. I parked at our next destination and she excitedly showed me how much money she had and how she came to her computation. She had successfully counted her money on her own.

Such an exciting education when we learn to trust the Master Teacher. He knew her mind better than I ever could.

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