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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Keeping Fresh

The traditional structure of schooling is over for many kids now, although there are some year round schools still in session. The local end of the school year fair came to town and left again with a few disappointments of lower attendance than in previous years. We didn't go either. As a matter of fact I think the last time we went to the local fair was about sixteen years ago. We did go to the state fair a couple years ago and that was interesting... the older you get the more you realize that age might have something to do with those rides..I got so sick to my stomach on a ride I enjoyed immensely as a teenager. Maybe I should stick with the pony rides. :/

This last week my daughter turned 15 years old. We had a discussion about her education and she willing agreed that she would like to work through this summer, all the way through to May of 2011 and graduate early. I'm beyond ecstatic about this, because not too long ago she wanted nothing to do with education...a few difficult years in a school system brought on a lot of discouragement to her. But we took it light that year we began homeschooling and on her own she picked up her toughest subject on her own and did quite well. I think the break is just what she needed.

And Pix-O-Sphere is STILL COMING, we just have wanted to make it as great as possible before we launch. If you haven't signed up yet, please go do so..there's a free Ebook for those who pre e-register. After entering your email, the page will refresh with the link to download.

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