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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Are We on the Same Team? Day 3

Day 3

Confession. I follow the blog conference hashtags on Twitter. And why not? I can't make it to the conferences at this time in my life, so why not follow the notes of all our bloggy friends? But I keep getting this awful feeling that they view us as sheeple being led to the advertising slaughter.

I thought we were all on the same team. We like to read each other's blogs. We like the support. We want to build the blogging community....did you catch that keyword? Community. A community that cares. Not a marketplace of vendors. I mean..YA we LIKE to know what products are worthy of our investment, but we still want YOU to be YOU.

There are blogs I go back to because I like the people and the experiences of their life that they choose to share with us. I could care less how much money they spend for a blog makeover. Sure the new decor is stunning, but what are they writing about? Does it interest you? Why do you bother commenting? If you didn't like the article and despise their philosophies, then don't comment ONLY so you can get followed back. That's not genuine. Connect with people you really truly enjoy.

And ya know what? If your readership grows, you are blessed. If you want to sell advertising now, go for it! BUT AS A SERVICE TO YOUR READERS. ok so hey you may get a check every month and it helps to pay the coffee bill, but keep your readers in mind. Do you really really want to introduce those products to your readers? Be interested in their interests. Help them and advertisers get connect IF you think it's a good know why? Because we're not stupid readers. And if you promote an ad on your blog that you really don't know much about, your readers are going to tell you about it. Not a comfy situation.

So are we on the same team? Bloggers supporting bloggers. Only introduce companies to your bloggers if you really recommend them. Don't sell yourself out. Don't sell us out. We aren't sheeple.

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1 kind words:

MTJ August 7, 2010 at 5:25 PM  

Hi Sisterlisa,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a thoughtful comment. I started my blog in March with the intent of expressing my thoughts about my life as a Christian. I quickly found myself writing about topics that have affected me.

As a writer, I purpose to write daily (just not on my blog). I enjoy the fellowship of this community of bloggers. They encourage, inspire and give me an opportunity to interact no matter where they are globally.

I don't discourage others from following me but I haven't committed myself to following everyone who follows my blog. Often, I will include a blogger in My Blog List. This way if they post something I'm interested in reading, I have access to the URL.

Thanks and have a good weekend.

Blessings and peace.


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