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Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog Refresher: Signature

Day 2

I began my blog refresher by creating a new header and button so today I created a new signature. I currently use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8, but look forward to getting Adobe Photoshop at some point in the future. There are other programs available that you can create a simple signature with that is affordable for your budget. There are also some graphics creating websites you can use as well. I first got started learning to make graphics at The Signature Showcase at They now have Signature Making for Beginners where women will guide you through learning a variety of programs.

You can download Gimp, which is a free software you can use. I haven't used it, but know people who do and it's decent for simple projects. If you use Gimp and would like to comment to give your review, please do so.

Once I create my signature, I upload it to a photo host (my favorite is Pix-O-Sphere) or you can upload it in a blog post the first time, then grab the html code to reuse it in all your posts.

Blogger has a spot where you can insert the code so it appears in all your new blog posts for you. {time saver}

In your blogger dashboard go to your blog and select 'settings' then 'formatting'

scroll down and find this window:

Paste the html code from your signature into the box. Hit 'Save Settings' now your signature will be in all your new posts. For those who are new to html here is what the code means:

is the code that begins your hyper linked image. (if you choose to link your signature to a bio page or other source)
after that begins your image source code
then the tag must close with
I personally add one code in there so my signature isn't bordered with the bright blue box. So mine looks like this:

I also have some more extras in there for flyouts, but we'll go over that another time.

Have fun!

Blog Refresher

Get started here.
signature by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

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Lois of January 21, 2011 at 10:58 PM  

This is really helpful! was wondering how pp did that
I will save this one.Thanks

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