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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ebook Bundle Sale

I am offering my Ebooks in a bundle for just $9.99 and I'll include my Ebook 'Exploring Digital Communities' free.

'Prelude to a Blog' is a small Ebook written for homeschool mom's who are contemplating getting their child into blogging. In Prelude to a Blog' you'll find tips I have learned along the way about how to get started, maintaining your parental authority, safety, cyber bullies, and more. It's the basics to help get you started. Here's what Tiany from The Homeschool Lounge has to say about it.

Have you ever wanted to create a blog for your children but the mere thought seems much too complicated and overwhelming to begin? There are a multitude of precautions and steps to take when building a blog for your child. Is it really worth it at all?

‘Prelude to a Blog’ will answer many of your questions and concerns when it comes to getting your child started! This book will give you the essentials (and then some) of blogging. Sisterlisa holds your hand and shares her insight and knowledge as a well-known and established blogger and the mother of daughters who blog.

The book touches on very important aspects surrounding blogging; Sisterlisa made sure to share guidelines, etiquette and safety measures for sharing and connecting with others in the blogosphere. The book is written in an easy to understand format with a great conversational writing style that flows very nicely.

By following the basic steps outlined by Sisterlisa, your child will have all they need to build a stable foundation in the blogosphere without compromising their integrity, their beliefs and their safety.

‘Prelude to a Blog’ is an exceptional guide for Bloggers young and old!

Tiany Davis
The Homeschool Lounge
The Homeschool Toolbar
'Deception Behind the Candy Coat' is a mini Ebook written for young Christian ladies who may be feeling like they have messed up their lives, aren't good enough, or feel overloaded with a yoke of too much busyness. There are so many lies being presented today, to young believers, by the enemy. He is a roaring lion seeking to devour and he's not looking for an appetizer.

He knows he can't always hand temptations of drugs, immorality, or even physical violence to a 'good Christian girl', so he packages his lies differently and markets it to this young audience. He is targeting our young ladies with a candy coated deception, all shiny and wrapped in religious lingo. Yes, the enemy uses modern day 'Christian' lingo to trap our girls in a philosophy that is contrary to our Lord. I feel it is imperative to this next generation of believers to be able to recognize these lies and to rest in the grace Christ has extended towards them.

'Deception Behind the Candy Coat' by Lisa Bertolini 


Matthew 18 is a controversial passage of scripture that gets twisted by abusive leaders who seek to control and keep followers under their rule. But the heart of Matthew 18 is reconciliation through the love of Christ. In this 10 page Ebook you'll see the heart aches suffered by many believers in churches, ministries, and various relationships all over the world, including the blogosphere. I believe this message of hope is one that is much needed in the Body today. Not only is this teaching from our Lord so applicable to 'church discipline', but also in our relationships with our families and most beneficial in our parenting.
Are you frustrated with how to handle friendships that are divided by a wall of unforgiveness?
Have you wondered why church discipline doesn't seem to work very well?
Should you really cut off people because they don't believe the same as you?

I believe you'll find your answers in the experiences I have shared in this Ebook, 'Matthew 18, The Heart of Reconciliation'


Season's of Friendship encourages us that friendships have seasons and seasons change. But each season can be embraced for the beauty it offers during those seasons. Sisterlisa shares her heartaches and joys of seeing friends come and go. Although we have special friends at different times in our lives, there is one friend that never fails us. Season's of Friendship will give this passage of life a deeper meaning to your soul and leave you with hope, even when a friendship's season has passed away, there is always the rebirth of spring.
by Lisa Bertolini

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