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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Ebook for Subscribers

As my gift to you and special thanks for supporting TheHomeSpunLife, I am offering my Ebook 'Prelude to a Blog' free to all subscribers. Here's how you can get the Ebook:

Simply subscribe through the window on the top right of my blog, confirm your subscription through the email Feedburner sends you and forward your confirmation to

If you are already a subscriber, simply forward your current email digest from my blog to the email address above.

Prelude to a Blog was written for parents who would like to allow their daughters to begin blogging. Although the book is written towards daughters, the information contained within is still applicable for sons as well..and even for parents who want to begin blogging. Here's what Tiany Lindeman, Owner of The Homeschool Lounge' has to say about 'Prelude to a Blog'

Have you ever wanted to create a blog for your children but the mere thought seems much too complicated and overwhelming to begin? There are a multitude of precautions and steps to take when building a blog for your child. Is it really worth it at all?

‘Prelude to a Blog’ will answer many of your questions and concerns when it comes to getting your child started! This book will give you the essentials (and then some) of blogging. Sisterlisa holds your hand and shares her insight and knowledge as a well-known and established blogger and the mother of daughters who blog.

The book touches on very important aspects surrounding blogging; Sisterlisa made sure to share guidelines, etiquette and safety measures for sharing and connecting with others in the blogosphere. The book is written in an easy to understand format with a great conversational writing style that flows very nicely.

By following the basic steps outlined by Sisterlisa, your child will have all they need to build a stable foundation in the blogosphere without compromising their integrity, their beliefs and their safety.

‘Prelude to a Blog’ is an exceptional guide for Bloggers young and old!

Tiany Davis
The Homeschool Lounge
The Homeschool Toolbar

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