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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nurtitional Living

nutritionalLiving by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-SphereAs of today I have 59 days until The Relevant Conference and just after I was able to confirm I was going, I found out that a friend of mine has a few blogs and I didn't even know she is a blogger. My friend Amy has three blogs that have totally inspired me. I began with reading her 'Choosing Freedom' blog which shares her journey to healthy eating and her amazing weight loss. A few years ago I managed to lose half my size following the South Beach Diet, but over the last year, with much anxiety, I gained half of that back. When I read about her food choices I remembered the food plan with SBD. It's really similar! I saw her pictures and read about her journey and knew I could get back in shape. I am aiming to be healthier and thinner by the time I go to Relevant. Even if it's 1-2 sizes smaller in my Capri's. Her articles are so full of excitement and encouragement that this is doable for me. So I decided to toss some food into the garbage and head back to the store to buy 'real food'.

I started talking about this on my Facebook page and a few other friends joined the conversation with more helpful tips. Another friend of mine lost an incredible amount of weight and has kept it off for several years now. Then another friend who is a lightweight body building competitor starting sharing her journey as well. In addition to that are some other friends who feel the same as me,'s time for a change. So we're keeping in touch about what we eat, drinking plenty of water, and exercise daily moving. My friends agreed to come join me here at The HomeSpun Life to share some tips along the way to not only encourage me, but my readers also.

Would you like to join us? Get subscribed up there at the top of my blog (just under the header) over there to the right..ya ya that's it ..right there. Just enter your email address and hit subscribe. You'll get an email from Feedburner asking you to confirm your subscription. Follow their link to confirm then you'll get all the updates here.

Every Sunday I will share my previous week's journey and share updates, tips, and read other inspirational interviews with women who have shown that it is possible to live healthy and not deprive yourself.

Here's what I discovered this last week.

  • I drink 16 oz of water while my coffee is brewing. By the time the coffee is ready, I found that I don't even finish a cup of java. So my coffee intake has now decreased to about 3/4 of my mug. (as opposed to 3-4 cups a day)

  • I tossed the Splenda out. I decided I would use Raw Sugar. I don't need to use as much either. And it's more natural than white sugar or Splenda.

  • I eat about 6-10 almonds while I drink my morning water so I have some protein in my body. Otherwise my blood sugar drops too low too fast since I don't eat breakfast when I first wake up.

  • Once I'm done drinking my coffee, around an hour after I wake up, I have breakfast. My breakfasts are not your normal kind of breakfast because I don't have a gall bladder. So I have to be careful what I eat in the morning or I end up in a lot of pain. I'll blog more about breakfasts next week.

  • When people tell you, "By the time you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated." I feel the same way about food. By the time you're hungry, you've waited too long to eat. So I don't allow myself to get hungry. I make sure to eat a few more times a day than usual, but less food, and REAL FOOD. Not junk.
    cherry tomato baskets by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

Right away I omitted the following things from my diet daily intake.

  • White breads/pastas : I use 100% whole wheat ONLY. I read the label. If it says 'unbleached wheat flour' forget it. I want whole wheat only. It's a complex carb and is so much better for you. I also limit my daily carb intake, even though these are good carbs. One of my friends said no carbs after 6pm, another friend suggested no carbs after lunch.  

  • White sugars: I use Raw Sugar. No sugar substitutes anymore. Although my splurge each day is a shot of coffee syrup. It's sugar free BUT is made with Splenda. But I'm not going to beat myself up over that. At least I'm reducing how much Splenda I have.

  • Fast Food: No more fast foods, pizza, or chips. All that stuff that goes into the 'other' category of the 'food' group really aren't 'real food'.

Here's what I added to my daily intake:

  • Fresh vegetables: I adore vine ripened tomatoes and the cherry tomatoes; red, orange, and yellow, are all sweet so they are like candy for me. I keep a bowl of them out on the table to snack on.

  • Raw almonds: I put a small handful in a paper baking cup on the counter for occasional nibbling. I crave crunchy things and these are lower in fat than other nuts. But I also don't eat too many of them each day. My kids nibble from the same paper baking cup and we don't refill it.  

  • Water: I got a tall coffee travel cup from Starbucks to use for water. I have an awful habit of keeping a coffee cup at my desk and drink from it all day. Instead of getting rid of the coffee cup, I fill it with water instead. To limit midnight tinkle times I halt water at dinner time unless I need a sip.

 I look forward to sharing the new healthy recipes, photos, and testimonies with you each week. It's just been a few days and I already feel amazing! Very refreshed and much less grouchy. ;)
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