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Monday, August 9, 2010

Relevant 2010

I was so totally excited tonight when my husband says, "Lisa, I'm sending you to Relevant!" I had to catch my breath and get a few sobs out before I sloppily blurted out "thank you!!!" Tears streamed down my cheeks. Why so much excitement? Oh my you KNOW who is going to be speaking?

And do you KNOW who I'll get to meet? And do you KNOW that I have NEVER traveled that far from home before? I mean from Northern California to Hershey, Pennsylvania...that's FAR! Did you catch that keyword?  Yep CHOCOLATE! well..that's what I think of when I hear 'Hershey', I mean the LARGEST Chocolate Factory! SarahMae, you really should evangelize more, I mean you live THAT close to heaven? My mouth is watering already.

They have a PACKED weekend for us...and all the meals are provided! So when can YOU book your flight? I am paying my registration on Friday, and I'm trying to find a flight to sit with another attendee. So if you're flying out of Sacramento (or possibly San Francisco) let me know okay? I'm still looking for a roommate (that helps keep the cost down) and by the way..

I am looking for sponsors to help me out here. I mean, with our family of blogs (4 blogs) and twitter accounts (6 accounts) and Facebook pages (7 accounts) that's a lot of people I can reach with your product! Between us all we have over 9,000 friends on Facebook and nearly 2,000 on Twitter and this is not even including our blogs. I even have staff on stand by to tweet and facebook about you while I'm at the conference. Not to mention the amount of people #Relevant10 is going to have watching the live stream hastag from the conference. So why delay? Contact me ( lisa422 {at}  for our Family Bloggers Media Kit. I look forward to sharing who all my sponsors are with all our friends.

And by golly I'm going to be taking LOTS of photos and sharing them on Pix-O-Sphere.

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3 kind words:

Serena Woods August 9, 2010 at 10:01 PM  

I'm anticipating that hug and am hoping that you get some financial help so it's not a burden, but a blessing!

See you there, friend!


Ashley August 10, 2010 at 5:45 AM  

I can't wait to meet you at Relevant!!

Tara August 10, 2010 at 5:56 AM  

Hey Lisa! I may need a roomie at Relevant 10! Email me at GodsGirl710 (at) insightbb (dot) com.


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