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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 Things for Relevant Roomies

Brooke is having a fun meme of sorts for all of the Relevant attendees to share Ten Things their Roomies might like to know. She's also entering all of us who blog about our Ten things in a giveaway sponsored by The Pleated Poppy.

So here are my Ten Things that Tracy and Mitzi(and anyone else who wants to know) might like to know about me.
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1. I own Pix-O-Sphere so you two will have the opportunity to ask me a bazillion questions about our site. I'm the Social Media Manager, Co-Owner, and site founder. Did you know we have a blog too?

2. I am a spiritual abuse counselor and a ministry leader in a natural style fellowship. I can hear out anyone's view from any denomination without division. I'm known on Facebook for being able to talk about anything religious without getting my undies in a knot. Even though others might. Bottom line,  denominations won't bother me a bit. If you have questions about some, ask me... I've studied a lot of them.

3. I'm a social media addict manager. Feel free to ask me about Facebook, Twitter, & blogging.

4. I love coffee

5. I wear a retainer at night, my husband invested quite a bit to give me my smile. :)

6. If my eye starts twitching it means I need sleep....or coffee...or both. ha! See number 4.

7. Once the lights go out, I like to sleep, not chat. Should I bring earplugs?

8. When I'm awake, I talk a lot...but since I'm coming as a sponsor too, I might be on the quiet side when I'm brain multitasks so if I'm quiet, I'm not ignoring you and I'm not upset.

9. No one needs to call me Sisterlisa, but you can if you want to. It's just a nickname. Some call me Sis, or SisLisa, or just Lisa is fine. In a large crowd, call kids do. :D You'll definitely get my attention.

10. My blood sugar drops fast if I'm not eating right... so I'm thrilled the food is provided! If my speech starts slurring or stuttering, I need to eat and have juice. I'll handle it, but just in case you wonder what's wrong if I'm jittery...that's why.

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2 kind words:

Anonymous,  October 13, 2010 at 3:23 PM  

Nice list!
My blood sugar does the same thing - it's not pretty.

Anonymous,  October 13, 2010 at 3:25 PM  

Nice list!
My blood sugar does the same thing - it's not pretty.

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