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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meeting YOU at Relevant

I have gone to many different types of large gatherings in my life and people tend to have that "where do I know you from" look on their faces. That is totally normal! We see each other's photos online, but being able to recognize you in real life might be more difficult. So it might seem here's what I suggest ya do.. a lot and just greet each other like you DO know who they are and don't be afraid to ask for their bloggy card and which blog they own. 

We might recognize each other best by the Blog Name more than the real name and that's ok.

I have followed the Relevant hashtag on Twitter faithfully over the last few months and I know not everyone has tweeted regularly.  So there's no doubt I'll meet someone new that I have never heard of before..and I'm happy about that..because I want to make new friends! Don't you?

 Take some time to get to know the ladies..there's a link up with all our 'AboutMe' pages here at 29Lincoln Ave, and SarahMae has many listed here, and many of them are on Twitter here, Brooke has the 10 things a roomie might want to know link up here, and Michelle has a link up too. With just over 200 women going, it's no wonder there are so many link ups! Do you have a Relevant link up of some kind too? One that's not listed here? Tell me and I'll include it.

And no matter how much we read all these, we'll still meet someone we don't know..and that's great! I hope to meet all of you and get to know you all...can we effectively connect in 4 days?

What do you plan on wearing the first night? I'll be wearing my blue Pix-O-Sphere shirt and I recently dyed my hair so it's a tad bit darker now.

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1 kind words:

Anonymous,  October 17, 2010 at 6:14 PM  

Looking forward to meeting you there.

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