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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Parenting Tips That Really Work

I have four children ages 7,11,15, and 18. The oldest three are girls and my son will be 8 this month. We lived most of the oldest two's lives in fundamentalism, striving for the highest possible standards for our kids. I have read numerous child rearing books, parenting books, and gone to an abundance of parenting seminars over the last 18 years. I have tried everything they all said would work...and I am going to tell you ..from our experience and that of other parents..what works and what doesn't. bwgirlsad by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

This series is going to be highly controversial as we challenge the traditions that we have been taught, why those teachings don't work, and look at what actually does work and why.

This series about parenting will not be for the faint hearted and may rock your boat, but is totally needed since we keep seeing kids grow up to jump ship. I'll share with you why they jump ship and it's going to blow your mind! So much of what we have been taught is not as it seems and the red flags to warn us have been waving in the wind and parents all over the world are ignoring it. We can't ignore the red flags anymore, so I'm going to spell out what they mean and how you can effectively follow your heart by faith to be the parents your kids so desperately need you to be and how it will give YOU freedom too.

I'll cover topics about why they hate church, refuse to read the Bible, struggle with their sexuality, sulk in their rooms, isolate from you,want to spend more time with their 'friends' than with family, their grades are suffering, why they cry at night and you don't know about it. We'll discuss how parents feel so full of fear and panic as they try everything they know how to do to 'save' their families and how the most unconventional way to freedom to 'walk on water' as a family is the way that many parents around the world have found stable ground again. I hope you'll get subscribed and join the discussions with each article.

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