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Friday, October 15, 2010

Relevant Checklist

It's just less than a week away..the FIRST time I will have EVER been that far from home (California) and that far from my whole family..yep I'm flying all the way across the nation to Pennsylvania! Why would I leave my family and fly all the way out there? Because 210 bloggy friends and sisters in Christ are going to spend a few days together to encourage, inspire, and love the fire out of each other. I have been to ladies conferences before, but this one is rather see, I have known so many of these women online over the past few years. 

We have watched each other go through tragedies, build new businesses, online ministries, and supported one another through it all.  I was sharing with my daughter Monica today..sigh** well..there was a moment of silence in the van when I started crying.. Do you know why this is so incredible to be able to go to this, Monica? It's like a sister reunion of "Blood" relatives..we were all created in Christ before the foundation of the world and we're all coming together to gather for HIM and to help one another to bring something "Relevant" to the blogosphere.

Reading someone's blog is not like attending a church service, but it very much the Body of Christ gathering through cyberspace. Reading through years of email subscriptions to blogs as each have their journey with God is like watching each other's testimonies unfolding before our very eyes.

We have seen births, losses, new businesses boom, and ministries come alive! Well, it's about time we can all get together and gather in person..thank you to the ladies who put Relevant together and for all the sponsors who are helping to make this conference affordable and fun!

I've been so excited about this that my head is spinning! I am flying from San Fransisco on Wednesday hopefully I can sleep! I wake up in Washington DC for about an hour then on to Pennsylvania. I was trying to figure out how to pack for this event when Dawn from 5 Kids and a Dog mentions baggage fees on Twitter..baggage fees? *blush* I had never heard of such a thing. See, I always fly the Western US via Southwest and they allow 2 for free AND 2 carryons (purse and another small bag) oh what? Well, since I'm coming as a sponsor we decided to pay the $25 for an extra bag and packed up all the goodies and prizes in that one box. And since I can't carry on my cleanser and moisturizer (no liquid on carryon luggage due to restrictions) I did something totally different. I squired them into little Ziploc baggies and put them in the box. Since everything in that box is NOT coming home with me I only have to pay the baggage fee ONE way. And this was about $100 less than shipping it ahead via UPS.

So I can take my laptop as a carryon (as if it's a purse) and my duffel bag of clothes with me on the plane. Then I got to thinking... if I pack my retainer, it might set off the alarm at the airport and they'll have to dig through my bag..AGH no I'll just wear it in my mouth so they can see clearly it's just my metal retainer. 

OH and did you know they check your shoes? Oh yes, wear comfy slip off shoes because they make you take them off and put them in the Xray machine. Wear socks because they don't disinfect the floor all day and LOTS of people wear their shoes with barefeet (eeew) No germs for me thank you very much, I'll wear socks. Then after I pass through the gate I'll go sit down and swap out my sandals for my a carpeted area where I can sit down comfortable to change them. 

I also can't take tweezers on the plane so I'll have to make sure my eyebrows are picture perfect, since I won't be bringing them. I wonder if they would allow my metal eyelash curler...? oh it's not worth the pain of having them search my bag and then toss it in the trash.. I'll try to find a plastic one before I leave. I'm trying to pack light since the cost of the airfare alone was almost the amount of next month's rent!

So here's my packing list:

Raiders Hoody Sweatshirt
toothpaste (OH NUTS can that go on the plane???) I might need to borrow some when I get there. ;)
business cards
cell phone
cell pone charger

Am I missing anything?

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4 kind words:

Dawn October 16, 2010 at 9:53 AM  

Hi Lisa! Thanks for the mention! As far as I know, tweezers, a disposable razor, and eyelash curlers are all okay to bring in your carry-on. Shampoo & all that has to be in 3oz bottles (4 bottles allowed), sealed in a clear 1 qt. ziploc bag. Put the bag at the top of your duffel so you can access it quickly. It goes in the bin at screening. (I've flown a couple of times in the past year.)

My plan for liquids is this: The hotel will most likely have shampoo. It will be "okay" shampoo, so I will plan to use that, but bring my own conditioner & body wash. Gel deoderant is considered a liquid, so if you use that it has to go in the baggie. So is liquid makeup. That's my 4 bottles. I'm bringing a thin duffel in my suitcase so I can check my suitcase on the way home and carry the duffle with whatever I bring home. There is a Target right behind the hotel (I checked!) so you can get hairspray or toothpaste there. Toothpaste is a liquid too! I may switch out body wash for toothpaste. What ever you don't bring you can pick up when you get there. Two of my roomies are driving in so I'm sure they will have normal sized bottles of things too. LOL

Sisterlisa October 16, 2010 at 12:11 PM  

Thanks, Dawn! My makeup is Bare Minerals so I'm good liquid foundation. I plan to put my makeup kit in the top of my carry on so if they need to search it'll all be at the top. Easy access. My eyebrows do fine for a few days so I'll tweeze really well the day I fly out. I will just plan to borrow anything else I might need. I'm not worried about the shampoo. I'll use what they have there. Thank you for the info!

Anonymous,  October 17, 2010 at 6:20 PM  

Are you doing a box for OCC? I need to think of how to pack that so it doesn't get smooshed!

Sisterlisa October 17, 2010 at 6:27 PM  

Pardon my overfilled busy brain, Faith..but what is OCC?

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