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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Response from a Friend

When I posted "Is Life Ever Normal", it was a huge leap of faith for me.. faith to exercise my freedom of speech. I shared the link on my Facebook page and got a response I wanted to share with all of you.. the reason? His reply is great advice for us... Glean what your hearts gives you from this. Thank you so much Andraste. :)

Lisa it sounds like you really have the true balance of what it means to be IN the world but not OF the world. The "world"... is twofold. First there is the "wordliness out there in the world" demanding success and perfection HOLLYWOOD and MADISON AVENUE style ... and then there are the distortedly mirroring and poorly echoing worldly mentalities within "the church" -- demanding success and perfection BILLY SUNDAY and HANDMAID'S TALE style, so to speak. Both are full of crap as I know you've witnessed....

You are IN the world -- not afraid to engage with it, with its memes, its expressions, its bits of culture and art, which make you a well-rounded vessel of honor fit for our Master's service! -- but not "OF" the world, not one with its interminably demanding and relentlessly dissatisfied "never good enough" spirit in whatever form. Those people who finger-wag and cluck their tongues and shake their heads like stupid old biddies in judgment? They are AFRAID of the world. And by being so afraid, they inadvertently become entirely part, parcel, and "OF" that world. The world that breeds fear and passes judgments and constantly reiterates how far you always fall short and always will.

Yes, they are actually OF the world who have the appearance of shunning and eschewing it, for they are of its same substance of persistent judgment, criticism and fear. Don't listen to their lies. You know who our Master has made you to be and He knows what manner of creature you are ... knew it when He chose you ... and loves you as you, for He made you to be you!
God has a testimony for each of us, so it's best not to try and copy others.. it would be a fake testimony and have no power whatsoever. So...I would like to know YOU all..if you read here, link up in the comments. I'd love to read your blogs and get to know you better.

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