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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ruin Your Blog in 5 Easy Steps

Oh yes, this might be the most unconventional way I have ever written a blog post, but keep in mind I am really beginning to come out of myself and just trying to drop a facade and be real. Did you see the tagline to my blog? Relational Living. So I'm about to get relational with you. Do you have your hot coffee (or tea) there next to you? I do!

Sorry, now where were we..oh yes..How to ruin your blog in 5 easy steps..

-First and foremost... find out what all the big blogs are doing and copy them. Get a similar template, offer the same kind of blog posts, even ride piggy back and do the same kind of posts right after they do, then go comment on their article and leave the link to yours in their comment section.  That way anyone who follows you will discover what you're doing.

-Now if that doesn't cause a stir, then go for the second tactic of ruining your blog.. Disagree with those big blogs don't even have to mention their blog name, just what they talk about.. you see the authors of those other blogs do get around the blogosphere and see what's going on even if they don't comment. Some people look at the time stamp of your comments over there, then they see the time stamp of your articles and they catch on sooner or later. Either way, this is sure to ruin your blog.

-Then there is the third time..and quite the charm.. give those big bloggers a blog award for being the most valuable blogger're hoping they blog about your wonderful award so their following will come right over..then they'll see that you followed the first two steps above. Your hypocrisy will be sure to ruin your blog.

-But don't stop there,...there's MORE! Don't can ruin your blog even faster and more efficiently if you talk to some of your other bloggy friends about the other blogs to cause a stir... tell them exactly what you think..that those bloggers are somehow 'wrong with God' according to your opinion..and be sure to find a Bible verse to back up your gossip. That'll help put the spiritual bondage on anyone who tries to stop you..they'll think 'God' is on your side for sure. Afterall, you have a verse to back up your claim.

-And don't forget to top it all off with step number five! Blog about how to be 'right with God' by 'avoiding blogs like theirs'. Congratulations! You have now copied all the good stuff they do and alienated some of their following from their blogs and brought them to yours..and you now have a cult following! I hope you can keep your following happy'll have to live up to the facade yourself and one day you'll crash and so will your blog.

Now ..of course I don't want you to do any of these things..I was just trying to be humorous to get your attention..are you still with me? Because now I'm going to share something with you.. I've done all these things. Yep..I'm not proud of it, but what I can tell you is this..those days are long gone and now I'm just wanting to be real. For anyone who has done these things..there is life out there to enjoy. Stop trying to compete with our sister bloggers. We each have something special to share in bloggy's called 'being YOU'. We want to know YOU, not the facade you wish people thought of you so you can be liked. Be liked for you, not for being a copy of another blogger.

So here are 3 Steps to Being Real.

1. Be you.
2. Be transparent. Real lives are drawn to one another.
3. Share your links on Facebook. I get far more hits from there than Twitter or Google. And it's ok if they comment there instead of on the blog. If your Facebook friends like your articles, then the blogosphere will discover you too.

I'll blog soon about how to recover from being a copy cat blogger... Lord knows we need originality.

oh you want to know why I would do such a thing? I didn't realize how awful I was... it was all due to the competition... the Stepford Bloggers... I just wanted to be liked. See what it does to people? yikes! So just be you.

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5 kind words:

Traci October 10, 2010 at 10:24 AM  

That was great. Thanks for the tips! While I wouldn't really do any of those things, I'm human and not above temptation or being led astray.


Anonymous,  October 10, 2010 at 10:44 AM  

Great post. I have never done any of those things. Never, ever... Ok so I have. I am recovering though. With my life, I have enough material to keep the whole blogoshere slack jawed. Lol!
Being real is so much better!

Michelle October 10, 2010 at 11:42 AM  

This is all rather hilarious and sad, but I can see how one can easily fall into this trap!

I have never been one for competition and I like uniqueness! I just don't see any point to creating a blog that looks just like everyone's else's! And as for those hot topics that everyone else is blogging about at the same time? I get very bored by all that!

Unfortunately, although I have always been my rather odd self, not many people visit!

I use to work a lot harder at visiting everybody else's blogs and comment on all of them, and yes, that did bring in more reciprocal comments, but now I only comment on posts that jump out at me! (Good job on that one, Lisa!)

Or visit those I really connect with on a personal level!

You get more hits from Facebook? That's a bit depressing considering that I prefer to stay as far away from Facebook as humanly possible! Lol

bigguysmama October 10, 2010 at 12:04 PM  

Wow, I was reading this and thinking, "this really happens"? So glad you are opening my eyes up to this. Then to see you had done these "thing"? Good for you for putting yourself out there like that! Live and learn, right?


Sisterlisa October 10, 2010 at 1:36 PM  

Yes, I used to be like that...but God raptured me out of that about being humbled! I didn't even realize how wishy washy I was. It took about a year for Him to unravel me. and He's still working..I have given God job security. ;)

and this kind of stuff is still happening in the blogosphere..since I used to do it, I can recognize it now.

Traci, I am SO glad that we're all human though...keeps life exciting. haha

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