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Friday, October 22, 2010

Supportive Husbands

Something that I noticed at Relevant was the amount of talk of women who want to prioritize their blogging time so the blog doesn't become the object of the wife/mom's affection instead of her family. Some of the women here brought their whole family to Harrisburg and the husbands are using it as a family vacation time for daddy and kids..wooohoo Way to guys! I am so thankful that my husband is in support of my blogging and has invested so much into providing Pix-O-Sphere for the family friendly blogopshere. Our business is a family invested and ran photo community and our team worked hard to give us what we have so far and more features are on the table to be added in the near future. The more we all use Pix-O-Sphere, upload photos, use the shared photos on our blogs, and buy stock photos, the more we can add for you. We also take suggestions, because YOU are using it. {{We listen}}

I wanted to show my blogging friends how much my husband supports what you're all doing and he totally understands the amount of time it takes for moms to blog and is in full support of having boundaries for your time so the blogosphere doesn't become a time vampire. Pix-O-Sphere helps save time because it brought hosting, sharing and selling all in one site. No downloading needed to use a photo on your blog. The photo copies right over to your account and generates the html code right away for you AND you get to select the size right in the site (eliminating the time to mess with the code) We help each other to keep our online time efficient and then we schedule time for online fellowship as well. So anyway, I got this reply from my husband about my tweet from sweet!

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