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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Balancing the Holiday Traditions

There are so many creative traditions out there for November and December holidays, but man is it ever overwhelming sometimes! The thought of Christmas no longer excites me. It sends me into a world of panic and I want to cover my ears and scream. I see all those sparkly new ornaments and festive lights to decorate my house with. All the gift wrap, bows, planning, and cooking over the years has left me ready to quit Christmas for a long time. It's just too much for me. But I have children and a husband who are huge Christmas fans. 

I am thankful that Jessica likes to hang the lights and decorate the tree. I quit doing those two activities two years ago. I almost quit wrapping gifts. Well, I practically did since I mostly use gift bags.

I know...I know... but the thought of this coming holiday season has me totally overwhelmed just thinking about it. I guess that's why I'm walking through November as slowly as possible. Just trying to enjoy the Autumn paintings God as created with His fantastic brush stroke each day. Thanksgiving is just one week away and I haven't even shopped for our feast yet.

Autumn Town by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

There are so many thoughtful traditions to celebrate with, but we can't possibly do all of them.

I'm thinking that I may narrow down our holidays this year to be the simplest ever. I'm going to have to. I just can't keep up with it all anymore.

Which traditions does your family celebrate for Thanksgiving and Christmas (or whatever your chosen winter holiday is)?
Are there traditions you have taken a break from?
Any new traditions that you didn't grow up with?
How do you balance it all?

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2 kind words:

ThriftyUrbanMom November 19, 2010 at 12:00 PM  

We have had alot of death in our family this past year (both my grandparents & others) plus it is so hard to coordinate with in-laws that we have decided this year NOT to be frazzeled.

We are going to start a new tradition for our family by going to Linvilla Orchards to cut our own tree and participate in a Christmas caroling hay ride followed by toasting marshmallows around their bonfire.

We are also making our own cards and some presents this year and my 3 year old dd is really excited about it.

We have decided that being all frazzled does none of us any good and takes away from the true spirit of Christmas.

Melanie Peskoe November 20, 2010 at 1:50 PM  

Hi! I just found your blog and it's lovely! I've followed you on Twitter for some time and really enjoy your tweets. Your photography is so nice! I'm glad I've found your blog now and will be adding it to my reader for sure!

As for our holiday traditions... the only one that I could never give up would be "baking day" with my daughter. Megan is 10 now so it's getting even more fun. We have a wonderful time and listen to Christmas music to make it even more fun. Other than that, our holidays change up a lot. I agree though, it can be so completely stressful and overwhelming sometimes. I hope your holidays are as stress free as possible. :)

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