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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday Giveaway

Black Friday Shopping can get pretty crazy sometimes and many of you are staying home where it's warm and quiet, while my family is braving the crowds...for the 9th year in a row. While I'm out among the zany mobs, you might find me tweeting about those nuts who get up at dark-thirty in the morning to stand in long lines wrapped around the buildings. I'll be reporting through Twitterville about every whacked out shopper I see. um ya..reporting..that's my excuse reason for being out there with them. It's just a fun way to work off all the calories we consumed at our Thanksgiving Feast.

feasting table by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

But I do have something fun for all of you...  giveaways valued at $184 and 14 people will win!

You don't need stand in long lines.
You can stay in your jammies and enjoy your warm home.

Here's what we're giving away... (with MUCH thanks to Pix-O-Sphere for sponsoring this giveaway)

3 Wallflowers room fragrance plug ins: (value $12.50) {3 winners}
-Creamy Nutmeg
-Kitchen Spice

Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Spray and; Lipgloss (value $12.00)
Three of these sets will be given away. {3 winners}

Reindeer Anti-Bac gel set w/ Holder (value $5.00)

Cupcake Anti-Bac gel set w/ holder (Value $5.00)

Fresh Lemon HandiBac Anti-bacterial spray and Tote Bag (stocking stuffer) (value $6.50)

Sea Island Cotton HandiBac Anti-bacterial spray and Tote Bag (stocking stuffer) (value $6.50)

White Citrus Body set (3 products) (Value $15.00)

3- 3 wick candles scents: {3 winners} (Value $19.95 each)

-Cranberry Woods
-Winter Candy Apple

To enter...tweet this text: (Mandatory)

 14 will win! #giveaways at @thehomespunlife sponsored by @pixosphere #FamilyHolidays #photosharing #BlackFriday

Optional additional entries:

1- Join Pix-O-Sphere (It's Free) comment below with your Pix-O-Sphere profile URL
2- Additional point: (add your profile photo to your account)
3- Upload a minimum 5 great photos to 'Share' with 'friends' on Pix-O-Sphere (1 point for each photo)

This will run all weekend ending at 9pm (PST) Sunday night. All Winners from this entire giveaway series will be announced on Monday.

You can enter up to 3 times per day (1st time your original tweet 2nd and 3rd time via RT's of others who tweet too)

Thank you to Pix-O-Sphere for sponsoring this giveaway. Please consider them for your photo hosting, sharing, and stock photos. It's family friendly and you can do it all in one site. Check out their video that shows how easy it is to use.

*Disclaimer: Bath and Body Works did not compensate me or Pix-O-Sphere for this giveaway, nor did they provide the products. I just happen to REALLY like their stuff and thought you would too. They probably don't even know my blog exists.

Products all provided for by my husband and I, owners of Pix-O-Sphere.
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My pixosphere username is cindytrumbly

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