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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday Weekend Winners

3 Wallflowers room fragrance plug ins: (value $12.50) {3 winners}
-Winter    ThriftyUrbanMom
-Creamy Nutmeg  Burgmissy
-Kitchen Spice   SJisbeachbabe

Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Spray and; Lipgloss (value $12.00)
Three of these sets will be given away. {3 winners}


Reindeer Anti-Bac gel set w/ Holder (value $5.00)

Cupcake Anti-Bac gel set w/ holder (Value $5.00)

Fresh Lemon HandiBac Anti-bacterial spray and Tote Bag (stocking stuffer) (value $6.50)

Sea Island Cotton HandiBac Anti-bacterial spray and Tote Bag (stocking stuffer) (value $6.50)

White Citrus Body set (3 products) (Value $15.00)
3- 3 wick candles scents: {3 winners} (Value $19.95 each)

-Autumn   BrandyCormier
-Cranberry Woods   Tzdelar
-Winter Candy Apple  MomsWithBlogs

The following also participated and I am offering you the opportunity to select 2 of my Ebooks and I will send them to you via email:


Deception Behind the Candy Coat: An Ebook to expose the deception behind popular 'religious' key phrases that snare ladies of faith into a works based relationship with God.

Matthew 18 The Heart of Reconciliation: This Ebook shows how Matthew 18 is missused in churches today and how to effectively apply Matthew 18 to restore relationships.

Seasons of Friendship: Designed for young ladies, but beneficial to moms as well. I share from my own experiences with friendships and how we can get through the heartaches of when friends move on into different seasons of life.

Please email me your shipping info to lisa422{at}
If you are requesting 2 of my Ebooks, email me with the titles you would like.

You have 48 hours to contact me or I select another winner.

Thank you to Pix-O-Sphere for this giveaway event.

All prizes will be shipped in the same day so it is imperative that you contact me before 2pm Thursday (PST)

And you can always join Pix-O-Sphere for free, add me as a friend, and have access to all of my Shared Photos for your blogs.

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2 kind words:

ThriftyUrbanMom November 30, 2010 at 2:07 PM  

Yippee! Thank you. What a blessed way to start December.

Anonymous,  November 30, 2010 at 2:07 PM  

Woo hooo!!! My youngest daughter JUST BROKE my favorite autumn scented candle last week... so this is PERFECT timing!!

Thank you for holding these awesome giveaways!

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