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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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I woke up today to my Twitter stream being inundated with anti-Amazon announcements about a book that has got a lot of unnecessary free advertisement since the complaint went viral. Some argue he has the freedom of speech and others feel Amazon doesn't need to uphold that Constitutional freedom. Afterall, they aren't a government business so they have the freedom to deny selling books that are sympathetic to supporting the 'love' an adult has for children.

Personally, I have no desire to buy the book much less read it. I have my own opinions about it as we all do, but the thing that really has me actually using my blog space and my energy to even publish anything about it is how this is being handled by so many.

First of all, this social media blast has given that man and his book far more attention than it deserves and quite frankly he has gotten the best advertising deal of the century. Many thanks to Twitterville. It cost him absolutely no money at all to have half the universe looking at his book and the few others he has placed on Amazon.

Had there been no attention at all, it may have gone totally unnoticed and unsold. But now curiosity probably has it's grip on people to want to find out what the book actually suggests to that pedo-audience, not to mention how many pedo-violators have seen this free advertising and have now made their purchase. Nice going, Tweople.

Ok so maybe some good will come out of this, but maybe not since people have fought with Amazon to get other books off their no avail.

Many bloggers have removed their Amazon links and halted their Affiliate programs with them. I have an Amazon store and I'm not removing it. Here's you know how much they have on their site that I don't agree with? They have more that you won't agree with either, but this ONE book has been the line in the sand for so many of you. So I have a few questions for you.

Have you stopped getting gasoline? (Have you seen the magazines they sell there?)
Have you stopping shopping at the grocery store? (Do you know who else shops there?)
Have you stopped paying your power company? (Do you know who works there?)

Our money is supporting all kinds of people just in our everyday living in this technosociety. Even our taxes pay to monitor certain men in our communities. And many are on welfare, living off our taxes.

Ok, ok, so boycott Amazon, but please don't put pressure on other people who boycott the boycott.
Don't put pressure on your friends who sell their books on Amazon, to remove their listings. They need to feed their families. Just like you do, with food you by from the grocery store that sells magazines you don't approve of. Food from companies that employ these kind of people who write books like that.

I think, for me anyway, the thing I noticed most in Twitterville today is the amount of moms who lost their joy today over this ordeal.  So stop and enjoy life now that you'd said your peace. Make hot cocoa with your kids, jump in the colorful leaf piles in your local park, and let all this garbage go down the drain.
storm drain by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

{Storms will keep coming in this life, but without a storm you'd never see a rainbow.}

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Snuggle up with your kids tonight, don't mention anything to them about this, and let them know they are deeply loved.

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4 kind words:

Anonymous,  November 10, 2010 at 8:59 PM  

You have some really good points here. People are quick to boycott something because of ONE product, but they'll still shop at a number of other places that sell things just as bad with no problems.

Once you hop on the boycott wagon, you have to be willing to stop and take a serious look at EVERY place you shop at.

A lot of grocery stores don't really have a problem removing magazines, if you just ask them. I've seen it happen.

With this particular topic (amazon), it's not the WHO that's being boycotted, it's the WHAT. Not the author of the book ... but the book itself. A book that any Tom, Dick, or Harry can purchase. A book that can, in the wrong hands, drive someone to take what's written seriously enough to go out there and do it and possibly get away with it ... or not get as harsh of a sentence.

I'm never against the WHO's ... but the WHAT's? The objects? You bet.

To go along with what we were talking about on Twitter, about Grace ... you can have Grace for the person and still disapprove and be against, such as this case, a book that they wrote.

I think about what about if (or when) this person comes to Christ. If that happens, I'm sure he will be SO ASHAMED of this book he put out there. I can love him as Christ loves him, no doubt about it. And I hope that we can ALL say that.

Sisterlisa November 10, 2010 at 9:04 PM  

Brandy, That's so right on. I will say in faith 'when' this man has Christ revealed to him..that the Christians will be the FIRST to show Grace..because if Christ is really in us, He'll be jumping out of our skin to weep with him and embrace him.

Anonymous,  November 10, 2010 at 9:10 PM  

When you think of the person behind the book ... honestly, I'm having a hard time NOT weeping for him right now. He needs Jesus so bad (as we all do) ...

... who will reach out to him? Who will be that vessel that He uses to lead the man to Him?

Sometimes we can all get sooooo wrapped up in the object we're protesting that we forget about the person behind it. :-(

Jennifer November 11, 2010 at 3:34 PM  

Thanks for sharing this Sisterlisa. You really opened my eyes to a problem I have of "boycotting" certain things but then not others.

Thanks for sharing :)


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