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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is December Half Over Already?

So far, my December has been pretty quiet around my home and it's been so wonderful to not be a slave to any organization during the holidays. Working on Pix-O-Sphere has been so much fun and we're anticipating an exciting 2011 over there at that network for photographers and bloggers. I posted a blog about accepting contributors to the Travel-Sphere.Pix-O-Sphere has a special discount that is only available until December 25th so you'll want to swing over there and get comes out to only being $1.50 a month. There's also something special offered for the first ten people who upgrade.

We have also been working on something for the ministry God has placed in our laps and anticipate that 2011 will have a unique outreach for us. There are some things that are still in the works so I am holding back on announcing what that is just yet. But this ministry will be very unique, but so needed in the world today. Have you ever wondered what happens to our wounded soldiers who seem to have been in retreat? They're not really in retreat. More on that coming soon.

It seems to me that every year in December, something happens that causes us to pause and reflect on the gift that has been given to We never know what the total amount of years anyone has on this beautiful planet and when we see a precious little one depart from us and his loved ones it makes us take a step back and re-evaluate what we're doing with our lives. The relationships we have with people is of such great importance. I have seen people depart from loved ones over such trivial matters. May we embrace our loved ones a bit closer this month and attempt reconciliation with those we have been far from. No attempt at reconciliation is promised to be successful, but just knowing we tried has it's merit in the long run.

My relationship with my Creator has taken on a direction I had not anticipated and the journey with Him over this last year as been quite an adventure. I recently saw Narnia's Voyage of the Dawn Treader and it spoke so loudly to me. God has been nurturing a deeper understanding of who He is to my heart and I will be sharing it over at Soul Liberty Faith in the upcoming months.

I wanted to move my blogs over to Wordpress and I still want to, but for now I will hold off on that so I can enjoy this holiday month with my family. I already have my new design in mind for The HomeSpun Life, but I'm still working on what will be the new Soul Liberty Faith design.

After being away from my former church for over a year, I thought life could just move on but sadly I live in this tiny town still and sometimes flare ups emerge from time to time and it's incredibly painful. God has blessed us with new friends who love us and we don't all necessarily agree upon some interpretations in the Bible, but we have an understanding of Christ indwelling His people and there is where our fellowship is the sweetest..among who we agree upon..our Lord.

I still want to attend Blissdom, but that hangs in the balance for now. However, Pix-O-Sphere is considering sponsoring some bloggers through advertising and perhaps they can help make it possible for others to go. They need a rather large reach for this and I sure would appreciate your prayers for us to invest in the bloggers whose influence would be best for us at this time.

Some days it seems like my sacred calling is just completing the laundry pile and other days He guides me to minister to a wounded believer who has been trampled on by their former church family. There's so much to do in such little time each and every day..but I rest in Christ..knowing that He is the Savior of the world..not me.

Blogging is a fabulous outlet for me and I enjoy it very much, but in the times when I seem silent's because there are area of my life that He is working on to either purify me or to work through me to help another and I need that time to ponder what He is revealing to me. 

All of this to say, December has been restful and busy in other ways at the same time.

How is your month going so far? 
Are you ready to say goodbye to 2010?

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3 kind words:

westoftexas December 15, 2010 at 5:35 AM  

I know! December has flown by and it seems I haven't been able to do half of what I wanted to do in terms of homeschool, baking, homemade gifts etc. I get so wound up about it I have to stop and reflect upon the birth of our saviour. So my main priority has been reading the bible to my children and teaching them christmas hymns, trying desperately to stay focused on the true reason for celebrating this season. -Michelle

debra December 16, 2010 at 10:20 PM  

Hi Sisterlisa,
Yes, this year has flown by, and
I'm not sure I'm looking forward to the New Year, as I don't know what 2011 holds - as do none of us.
Glad I stopped by here and visited.
Hope you'll visit me too:)
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Sisterlisa December 20, 2010 at 11:12 AM  

Thank you both for stopping by and leaving comments. It's nice to interact with my friend sin bloggyland :) Merry Christmas!

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