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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Don't Silence the Stories

I decided to take some risks. It's not easy to do when you have no idea what the outcome will be, but that's why this is called faith. When we take steps in a direction where we can't see any place to put our foot, it's faith. When we think we have everything all planned out picture perfect, knowing the outcome will be as prescribed, that is not quite the faith I am aiming to understand. I used to plan things out very well. Every day was planned in specific order. Meeting the precise goals every day. Always the same. But nothing changed. I wasn't growing. I felt like I was going in circles. Oh sure, I can plan my day very well and still think I'm walking in faith that things will work out the way I hope they will. But there's something different about walking by faith with no definite plan.

Did you see Narnia's Prince Caspian movie? Do you recall when Lucy was going to step across the ravine to where she saw Aslan? But her friends and siblings though she was crazy. Aslan guided them back again and right when Lucy stepped towards the cliff, the ground gave way and she landed on a path that she didn't know existed.

So I've taken some steps of faith that some might think sound crazy, but nonetheless I knew I needed to take those steps. I knew it was time to begin blogging some more details about my walkabout with God. The things He has been teaching me during the last two years away from the place we used to attend for worship. I never wanted people to think the things I was writing about were directly happening in that exact church. I even changed my blog URL to avoid conflict. But over the last two years I have come to know many people from various denominations and congregations that my articles will reflect the kind of dilemma's we see happening all over the world. While I'm sure some people might find my other blog and think the articles are all about them, they aren't.

Some things just aren't so easy to write about on blogs. Especially when we use our real names. Most especially when we have ministries and businesses that could be affected by the critics. But what the Lord gives us, we know we need to share. Each journey we take with our Lord is unique to us. How dare we try to silence one another in sharing our testimonies. The things that God first speaks to us, that he asks us to share with our readers. Some issues leave us vulnerable to critics, but we know what God wants us to say. We share by faith.

We aren't cookie cutter Stepford Bloggers who share stories of Christ in a way that everyone will be thrilled about. I can't change that I came out of legalism. If people get miffed at how I describe my journey out of legalism, then that's between them and the Lord. It's not fair for us to try to silence people for telling their stories.

When we each look through a camera lens, we may find ourselves focusing on a different area of the object of our capture. Some see macro while others see landscape. Each type of photography has it's beauty if we look for it. While we can enter photo contests, our lives and testimonies aren't competition for some grand prize. We're all equal, yet unique to the Lord. Let's just all get along and encourage one another as they share their Deeper Story.

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2 kind words:

DevotionMama January 23, 2011 at 7:55 PM  

I love that. "How dare we try to silence one another in sharing out testimonies" I've been thinking the same things, not about a church but about experiences in my life and things that God has rescued me from. My concern is the same. What will people think? Who will be offended? But I'm starting to think differently. Who needs to hear my story? Who, right now, is where I used to be? Who NEEDS to find the path that I've found? Who does God want to touch through my words? If He tells you to share, do it! I'll be praying He gives you courage to use your voice for His purposes. And praying that I find the courage to do the same. Much love. I think I've found a sister :)

Sisterlisa January 23, 2011 at 9:05 PM  

Thank you. I have taken a lot of time to think about what Angie Smith and Ann Voskamp said at Relevant10 about sharing our stories. I've thought about those same things you said.. who needs to hear what I was rescued from and how I came out fully awake and fully alive? I'm not so concerned about who will be offended. If I am prayerful about it and yield to God's Spirit for the words, I know He will bless what I write. And if after using as much grace as I can to share my stories, someone is still offended, then that is between them and God.

Thanks for commenting. :)

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