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Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking at Blogging in Hind Sight

With the hard work I have ahead of me with Pix-O-Sphere, I have come to the conclusion that my person blog, The HomeSpun Life will be 'as inspired'. I will keep everyone updated on what's going on in my life and our ministry and even some updates on our homeschooling, but I can't push myself to remain ultra scheduled about it with everything else I have going on.

Don't forget that we have Growing In Grace for Ladies to be able to share their articles and get some introduction to your blog through the nearly 800 readers over there. Any topic!

Today we're undecorating from the holidays, and enjoying the sun beaming through the windows before the next rain comes. This is the time of year we need to bleach the window sills to avoid mold from growing. ewwww. This 2011 year will prayerfully be a full 'year of firsts' for us. We're praying for the first full year of Pix-O-Sphere to be successful, praying for our first real house, and much more!
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The last couple of years I have tried so hard to keep up with the blogging Jones's and it wears me out just thinking about trying again. I can't be 'Mrs. Mega Homeschool Fancy Shmancy Blogger'. So I won't try...I'll just be... ME!

So instead of trying to plan all kinds of activities for my blog to draw you here, I am going to go out there among all of you and just enjoy what you're doing. I took a break from my new meme "Through His Lens" over the holidays, but that will be back soon. I really want to get my blog moved over to wordpress before I jump too deep into anything else.

My theme will remain Relational Living and a new decor will come with the move of my blog.

In the mean time, I am stepping out on a limb over at Soul Liberty Faith. In faith, I am going to share with you the details of my walkabout with God from 2010. Some of it will leave your heart pounding, your mind in amazement, and your spirit stirred in ways you may have never though possible. All those questions about our faith that you may have never wanted to ask publicly, will be covered. I don't claim to be an authority on those matters, but I will share what I have learned from theologians all over the world and from various denominations...then you can decide for yourselves. I'll be sharing more about our ministry and how God is guiding us to gather and study with others in homes and churches alike. The bottom line is to find out what we've been aching to know..that many church leaders put on a shelf to avoid division. But God has said so much in the Bible that can't be left on a shelf for long. I hope you'll join me over there for the adventure.

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