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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Networks and a Conference

Do you ever have those nights when you just can't seem to sleep? Do you lay awake wondering, "Why in the world am I doing all this?" I think it's so easy to fall into human grooves that get us sidetracked so easily. Maybe you are well above and beyond that, but me? Last I checked, I'm still human. (deep breath)

I get anxiety about BIG PLANS, my husband on the other hand.. he THRIVES on big plans. Oh I am excited about big plans, but then my mind races at light speed with all the ideas that come flooding into my mind. Brainstorming keeps me awake at night. And now I'm going to the Type A Conference...another 8 hour flight. But I know it's going to be so totally worth it. blog conference badge

In addition to this, I am almost ready to launch the Family Blog Network at Pix-O-Sphere. I first introduced it on the blog and then a fun update about this networking opportunity.

On top of this I have been experimenting with the photo contest using the linky tools. Did you know they require a yearly fee now? If you didn't know that and you didn't upgrade all your linky posts will no longer show the linky..until you upgrade. So if you use them, go log in and get the details. Your links will still be in your account and after you upgrade they will open your links back up.

Blogging is hard work, unless you allow yourself to have fun as well. I have learned quite a bit about blogging over the last few years. I look forward to launching the Family Blog Network (FBN) and sharing all the uplifting and inspiring things that have transformed my philosophy in blogging. There's a large audience of people who aren't "in it for the money". Usually a get quick rich scheme follows the blogosphere with a 'get millions of hits quick scheme' too. Sometimes there are huge fails, but we can all learn from them.
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There are some who'd like to make money on their blog, but have found it difficult to build relationships. Raising a hit count through a giveaway is not the same as establishing relationships with your readers (friends). It takes time to build relationships. Bloggers need to build up those relationships in order to keep a long lasting audience that would attract vendors who would want to advertise with you.

But we don't want to build up a hit count, JUST so we can "make money" off our readers hitting on our blogs. The tide is changing in the blogosphere. Lets get back to basics, building relationships. I'll be tweeting some hints about the #FBN11 under the @pixosphere Twitter stream, so be sure to follow me there and "Like" our Friends page on Facebook.

Does brainstorming ever keep you awake at night?
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