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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making a Blog Button in 5 Easy Steps

It's simple to create a blog button now that we have a free service like Picnik to use. The developers will be adding an API to Pix-O-Sphere so you can edit your photos with a quick connection to your account over there. Picnik already has API's for several othe rphoto services so if you have photos in your Flickr, Photobucket, or Picasa Web albums, you can get the photos you want to edit right through Picnik then save them right back to their albums in your accounts.

I highly recommend you only edit COPIES of your photos. I never tamper with my originals.

Here are 5 Steps to making a blog button on your own.

Go to and click "Get Started Now"
You can then "Upload photo" or scroll down to open a photo from one of your photo hosts.
For this tutorial I am uploading a photo from my computer.

Step 1: After I upload my photo it takes me to the 'canvas' if you will. I'm first going to CROP my photo to get the main portion of my photo to a workable size.

Step 2: I'm cropping this photo to the size of 375x375 because I am going to resize it later to 125x125 (standard size for a button) You can click and drag the crop lines and move the box around to position it where you want it. You can also type in the size you want to make it easier. Then click OK

Step 3: Next I resize my image to 125x125 and click OK

Step 4: Next I'm going to add the text "HomeSpun Life" on the top left. Just below that is the style of font I want. To the right of the screen you can select the color and size then up on the top right hit "Save & Share"

Step 5: Now I have the option to upload it directly to a photo host of my choosing or save to my computer.

Here's what I created:

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