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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photo Sharing Safety

There's been concern in the family friendly blogosphere in regards to finding a safe place to host and share photos. Of course, we built Pix-O-Sphere out of that very need. We also chose to allow for stock photos to be sold as well. So you can get all your photo networking needs done in one safe place. You can host, share, and sell photos. In addition to that, the bloggers use your shared photos in their blog articles, furthering your work for you.

Now we see an intense concern about Flickr, since 4,000 photos were deleted, a Flickr group was deleted, and photo bloggers are not happy. They feel as though their photos are not safe. In addition to this, I've noticed the comments on all these sites. People don't just want to show off their photos, they want the networking with other people. Photography brings together people from all over the world. This is exactly what part of our vision for Pix-O-Sphere has been since the very beginning.

Pix-O-Sphere isn't just a place to host your photos, we desire for the community within the network to grow. Bloggers happily promoting your photos for you. When you offer smaller samples of your photos for sharing, the bloggers use them on their blogs. Your photo credit stays with the photos. Their readers click on the photo and brings them back to find YOU and your photos on Pix-O-Sphere. Every photo has a comment section that you can control. You can allow comments from all Pix-O-Sphere Users or just your friends. When they participate in your Pix-O-Sphere Community, they also get to see your selling photos and can buy from you there.

There's so much more going on in the development stages and even though we're still in beta, the site is alive and moving forward. I hope you'll take a few minutes to check it out and sign up for a free account.

I don't want to just promote Pix-O-Sphere in this post, but rather I'd like to offer a few suggestions too.

1. Always keep a copy of all your original photos on an external hard drive.

2. NEVER rely ONLY on an Internet host of any kind, to protect your photography, files, or blog. Back up everything!

3. If you offer your photos for 'sharing' on any site, add your own watermark to one of the corners of your photos. Not everyone gives credit for their photo source.

At Pix-O-Sphere, we generate a watermark for your shared photos, but you can also add an additional watermark with your own photo editing software.

Pix-O-Sphere has disabled the ability to right click so people can't snag your photo. If they try it, they're in for a surprise when they try to open it in their computer. teeheehee
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